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Focusgroep Cuba the Netherlands

By 5 Settembre 2017Corriente

We are so glad to say Bienvenid@s in the big family of mediCuba-Europe to the Focusgroep Cuba.
Here a presentation of their activities.

Who we are:
We are a starting (since 2015) and active inter-university NGO-group of doctors, teachers and medical students (core 7, perifery 110), inspired by Cuba’s healthcare system. Our main goal is to build and expand medical collaboration and exchange between Cuba and Holland. Key themes are: human dignity, equality, solidarity, respect, appreciacion, illness-prevention and health promotion.

What we do:
We do this by means of: *collecting and providing information, ( website, video, publications, presentations, organizing symposia) *organizing bilateral collaboration and exchange between groups and institutions involved in the Cuban healthcare system and *organizing action (internships, working visits, solidarity with Cuba, scientific work)

We have sprightly connections with Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de la Habana, Centro de Inmunología Molecular (CIM), Centro de Ingenieria Genetica y Biotecnologia (CIGB) and Centro Nacional de Genetica in Havana. Also with the Dutch universities of Amsterdam (AMC and VU), Rotterdam, Leiden, Groningen, Maastricht, Utrecht and one in Belgium (Ghent) for organizing and facilitating working visits, scientific work and exchange of medical students, residents, doctors and teachers to do internships and other parts of their study. We also established a large network from Ambassador to students in Cuba as well as in Holland.

At the end of 2017, 78 students and GP-residents will have found their way to Havana in an exchange program to Cuban Primary Healthcare. Last year we were very glad to welcome the first 4 Cuban PhD-students and a surgeon in Holland. More are to come. Also 6 groups of GP’s, Geriatrists, Occupational Doctors, medical teachers and Public Health staff visited Cuba to learn about prevention in healthcare and to teach about some useful aspects of Dutch healthcare.
We organized and promoted scientific work in excellent cooperation with Havana concerning experiments with nano-particles in cancer therapy and Schistosomiasis- therapy. Research on the health- effect of the Cuban “ circulos de abuelos” is starting up at the moment.
With the Dutch Trade Union (FNV), and the national organisation of district nurses (Buurtzorg) we work to implement feasible parts of Cuban Healthcare in the Netherlands. After all, collective as well as individual prevention and well coordinated work in the neighbourhoods is an undeveloped part of Dutch healthcare.

As a result of these activities there were numerous local , 10 national and 4 international projects, publications or presentations. Mainly provided by enthusiastic doctors and medical students.

P.P.M. Jonas, MD. MSc.

our website

video of recent student group

Photograps added: 1: some members of Focusgroep Cuba with two Cuban guests; 2: Rocmira, first Cuban PhD student in Leiden; 3: First Dutch studentgroup in Havana 4: recent Dutch studentgroup in Havana.

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